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Web News

Keeping Up With Tech
  • 10 Jan

    DIY Website Vs. Professionally Developed

    If you’re looking into building a new website or updating an existing site, one of the first choices you’ll have to make is whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. Not so long ago, there would have been no question of hiring a......

  • 08 Apr

    Google Adsense Will Pay You Monthly To Use Your Platform?

    Google AdSense pays publishers/website & mobile app owners monthly revenue for the use of your online platform. AdSense works by matching ads to your website or mobile app based on your content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want.....

  • 03 Feb

    How To Make Profit From Your Website?

    Maybe you started your blog as a hobby. But do you know this hobby can be turned into a career? Yes, you can earn profit from you hobby blog. You have to make some changes and promise efforts to convert your hobby blog to a......

  • 04 Mar

    I Hate Hackers

    Was your website hacked in between 2020 to 2022? Well your not alone during the pandemic hackers sent out millions of virus injections across the internet. This affected 80% of the websites online. Most of the hacked data was unrecoverable and companies lost millions of...

  • 23 Mar

    Should I Advertise My Business On Social Media?

    Short Answer yes! Social media advertising is a form of internet advertising that helps you reach prospects and customers on social media. It can include ads on your favorite social media site, like Facebook or Twitter, or it can consist of advertisements in the form......

  • 10 Mar

    Why You Need Business Email?

    If you’re trying to build a professional brand for your business, first impressions are important. Email is one of the most common forms of communication with your potential clients. A professional email address creates a sense of trust, especially if it is from a cre...