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WoW Me Web Designs Inc is the leading company in authentic website development, graphic design, mobile app design, print media and marketing packages that will make your business a success. We have a unique certified design team with experience in developing high quality sites. Our goal is to ensure your online success and to deliver a product which will improve your business growth and exposure. Not only are our custom designs pleasing to the eye, but also to the pocket.

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If there’s a rule that web designers ought to follow, it’s that image quality is a whole lot more vital than the actual number of images. The reason is that a low-quality image simply doesn’t look attractive in any size. The time it takes a site to load an image is almost as important as the size. Mobile users will agree with this because they have limited bandwidth with which to contend.

What’s a web designer to do? Simply reach a smart balance between load time and quality. This includes scaling images with CSS height and width properties, steering clear of loading full-size images, and optimizing images for the Internet. Prior to uploading, it’s highly advised to crop any images and save each picture at the smallest size possible, as long as it still maintains sharp, visual quality.